Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ways to save the environment one tank at a time:

Design by Dewald Coetzer

Yesterday I was doing a water change and as always I took the old water and dump it in the garden to water the plants like I always do and was thinking how green of me. It got me thinking you could  help the planet and enjoy your Hobby at the same time, here goes.

10 ways to be greener with your tank:

1 Water your plants with the old tank water.

2 Put a timer on your lights (will help the algae battle)

3 Switch to LED lighting may cost more money, but last almost a lifetime and  more efficient than CF L's.
4 Do not put your tank close to an open door (your heater will thank you later)

5 Get fish that can adapt to your water or that likes your water (do not forget to de-chloronise your water)

6 Organize a carpool to a good pet shop that is far from you. (May even meet nice people or get killed)

7 Avoid using disposable HOB cartage's (will not lose your biological filtration all at ones)

8 Support your local Fish breeder (the fish will be accustomed to your water parameters)

9 Do not over feed (more food = more waste)

10 Do not over stock your tank (the fish will also thank you for it)

So in conclusion following the 10 tips above will not stop global warming but might save
 you money,give you healthier and happier fish.

May the Force be with you !