Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Brand of Aquarium Products launched:

"The brand was created to aim at the guys who desperately need to stick to a certain budget. And that's where the idea was born.How do we manufacture a better product, cheaper. 
           So after speaking to some people, we have managed to do just that!"- Sean 

Scape's the brain child of Sean Jefferis from The Planted Tank company.
They will be launching with the following items:

K and Trace (500ml)
Nitrate (500ml)
Phosphate (500ml)
Complete Formula (500ml)
Liquid Carbon (500ml)

Other liquid products:
Dechlorinator (500ml)
Drop Checker Solution (60ml) (Pre Mixed, all you do is add it to your drop checker.)

Inline CO2 Reactor
"A 500ml bottle of ferts should last around 3 months when dosing a 100L tank. So it's concentrated. Far more concentrated than some others out there" -Sean