Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 APSA Aquascaping Competition:

APSA 2014 Aquascaping Competition Rules and Guidelines
- Entry is free
- Entries end on the 1st March 2014
- One planted tank entry per person
- APSA sponsors, admins as well as their immediate family cannot enter. 
- Rules can be altered by APSA at any stage
- There is no tank size restriction to your entry
- Tank entries have to contain real live aquatic plants
- No freshly planted tanks allowed (tanks that are more mature will do better anyways)
- Contestants and competing tanks must reside/be in South Africa
- Please do not use non aquatic plants as this will result in point deductions
- Contestants have to be an active member of APSA with at least one post (introduction post)

The scape:
- Freshwater planted aquariums only! (terrariums, marine aquarium etc. cannot enter)
- If your entry pic includes an emersed section of your tank, only the submerged part of the tank will be graded

Final entry picture:
- Has to be a recent photo of the tank (no older than 3 months)
- Should be sent in FULL resolution. Lower resolution/bad pictures will only count against you. Judges can only judge the entry pic they are given (max size 9 megs).
- Is not allowed to be published or shown to the public prior to the winners announcement, (other tank shots /full tank shots, setup shots etc. are allowed to be published before the end of the competition but the ENTRY picture cannot be shown / published online or on any other type of national / international media .) What this means is that you are allowed to have a photo journal of your tank, show pictures of your tank, publish pictures of your tank. Share whatever you want with your tank. BUT you are not allowed to publish/show/distribute (publicly) the FINAL picture that you will be entering. 
- Has to be in electronic format
- Cannot be altered by any image editing software (adding fish or fauna etc). Superficial editing is allowed ie. cropping photos, light and colour tunes
- No boarders, frames or insignia please. Pictures with these WILL be disqualified

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorary prizes available! Prize list will be uploaded once we have confirmed with sponsors
- 1st place will win the APSA aquascaping floating trophy
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorary prize ribbons will be sent to the respective winners!!

Extra information:
- There will be international guest judges (to be confirmed)
- Judges comments and total points for all entries will be indicated at the end of the competition

Entry procedure:
- One entry picture per entry
- Email entry (this may change) 

Judging criteria:
Total Impressions (60 Points)
- Originality, creativity and overall completeness of the layout will be evaluated.
- Is the composition of the layout well developed and pleasing to the eye?
- Has the aquascaper used appropriate species of aquatic plants? 
- Has the aquascaper positioned their plants in a way that looks natural?
- Is there “balance” in the scape? i.e. The colors and shapes of aquatic plants, “balance” and must “complement” the scape.
- The aquascaper’s choice of fish for his/her layout is evaluated. i.e. Does the color, size, swimming method and ecology of the fish match the layout?
- Does the layout clearly portray a natural atmosphere? 
- Do the methods and techniques used, render a natural feel in the layout?
- Is the layout maintainable over a long period of time?
- The use of non-aquatic plants will result in point-deductions.

Plant Condition (20 Extra Points)
- The condition of the aquatic plants in the layout will be evaluated. Extra points may be awarded for excellent plant health

Artistic Creativity (20 Extra Points)
- Extra points can be rewarded according outstanding originality and creativity of the aquascape.